Who is an Apostle? – Evangelist Peter Kolajo

Jesus Christ picked 12 disciples, showed them the secret of the love of His Father, never hid anything away from them, never forced anything on them, never requested anything from them but lived a lifestyle which was made it easy for the disciples to emulate after His death and resurrection…..thus they were called Christians!!A true apostle today must emulate Jesus, follow His teachings and do according to the Injuctions of the word of God. But alas, ministers today focus on additional doctrines, money, amassing wealth and live a life worse than the filth of the dunghill forgetting that the Glory of God is the spirit of truth and holiness without which no man can please God. Fortunately for this generation, Jesus Himself has arrived into the Earth, visiting every individual, community, state and nation to bring Holiness, righteousness, love and truth about His Father’s Kingdom back to their remembrance so as to save all souls!! The Holy Spirit is speaking to you today to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, focus on Him alone and get the ultimate deliverance purposed by God from the foundation of the World. Hurry today, Jesus loves you.

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