Week 4: God’s Visitation: The harbinger of Amendment.

As destructive as the activities of men is on the planet earth, so is the extent to which individual destinies are perverted. Transgenerational delinquencies abound in the world with untraceable root causes. The performance of the will of God is the best solution, but the devil has taken over the will of parents to redirect the will of their children. As a result of long term allegiance to idolatry, socery and occultism, the promises of God keep getting delayed, denied and sometimes totally truncated with men going astray. Several times, parents unknowingly ursup the destinies of children via negative statements to them, quarrel and exchange of violent altercations between husbands and wives, wrong prayer focus, unknown vows etc which backfire on the children. The reflection of any negative virtue in the life of a child is traceable to Foundational curses from parents. Unpleasant is the situation such that only the visitation of God brings adequate correction to these foreseen and unforseen errors. Allow Jesus Christ to visit your life as He commences every necessary correction in your life and household

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