Week 3: The Perfect Walk

Perfection is the optimum state of flawlessness and the first adjective used for the entire creation by the Creator. Evil intentions resident in the heart of humans keeps derailing them from the smooth, easy trail made ready by God to unnecessary fast-tracked-over-anxious lifestyle in pursuit of only the visible mundane things. This continuous “hot chase” omits the Creator outta everything called life thus focusing on the Devil (the Prince of this World). Eventually, ill-gotten wealth, riches, fame and power is purportedly left behind for guilt-free children to inherit thus transferring the baton of misconception of the sovereignty of the Creator to generations unborn and neglecting the reality that only a fool ammasses wealth for unprofitable usage. Since every work of Creation but Man is still in its perfect state till date, the will of God is to call the attention of entire Mankind back into the room of Perfection at Creation via Jesus Christ. Apart from recovering the keys of Dominion on earth where wealth and riches would come along with peace, Joy, gladness and comfort, the access to Heaven is also guaranteed. Therefore oh Man, make today your turn around as you walk with God into perfection in all spheres.

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