Week 2: The Hour of Salvation

The initial creation was wiped out by God to erode the evil perpetrated via the acts of men. Gross was the extent of it such that animals, birds, fishes obeyed the call of God to enter into the ark built by Noah meanwhile mankind that ought to be salvaged ignored the process thinking of God as an “attention seeker”. Despite the wipe out and renewal after the flood, the machinations of men sought to look for an attempt to achieve a wrong equality based essence by building and aspiring to reach God in His Heavenly domicile. Though strong was the force of Unity and Agreement at work, filthy hands, evil heart, ulterior motives and the quest for intrusion into the Heavenly privacy destroyed their efforts. In these times, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the only way by which the attention of mankind is directed to God, but as evil still lives in the heart of man, rejection is the answer to the call. Just as the visit of the Almighty God came unannounced in the days of Noah, every individual – low or high, family, society, state, Nation and the entire world is expected to be visited per time to check up on the foundation of intentions and the spiritual-material-testing of erected structures upon every foundation. Nothing anticipated, aspired or achieved both physically or spiritually outside of the plans, will or purpose of God shall stand as every faulty edifice shall be shattered by Fire.

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