Week 1: The Hour of Salvation

The flood was God’s initial correction and reinstatement plan for Mankind after Adam. Noah was chosen to tow the line of posterity all over again, but for negligence, he rehanded the control to the devil via his shrewd act of drunkenness. This reflection of the evil in the heart of humans cut short Life expectancy as God no longer visited men one on one after him. Then came the call of Abraham, chosen as a neutral breed to redefine the statusquo, but the call became a snare as his disobedience resulted into transfer of Glory and transgenerational curse of 400years. The desire of God never waned for restoration via all prophets but shortcomings and inadequacies never desisted until the coming of Christ Jesus. Painful is it nowadays as people mix up the call into ministry work with call to salvation which some people mix up and the Devil in turn lures them into destruction. Ministry work is a call to serve, not to extort, misappropriate or deceive ignorant people. Jesus Christ is the only key to unlocking earthly bliss and undenied access to Heaven. The open call to Salvation is non dependent on status, gender, age, tribe or language as Jesus Christ died and resurrected for the salvation of all of mankind including you!! Make the Kingdom of God your priority today.

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