Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole. It is pivotal in all spheres of life. Unity enables convenient surmounting of every challenge. Unity starts from the home to the larger society. Unity with God aligns us to receiving good and perfect gifts from Him. People who learn the importance of staying  United and live by it tend to live a happy and content life. Disunity brings retrogression. Genesis 11: 1-8 shows the first example of the strength that lies in Unity.Disunity amongst families, communities, tribes, race and tongues has yielded divisions, bigotry and wars.Prophet Jeremiah mentioned the crisis among states and countries and the need for unity amongst them all because God created all equally. The development of every family, society and nation depends upon the unity of purpose achievable only through submission to God’s leadership and directives through faith in Christ Jesus. Unity brings courage, hope, strength and progress. The unity of the Trinity brought all things into existence and made salvation accessible to all through Jesus Christ. Your STRENGTH lies in staying UNITED and CONNECTED with Jesus, hurry up, He’s waiting for you today!!

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