The Isrealites waited for moses to return from mount Sinai but Moses seemed to had gone for ages. so restless and impatient they became and told Aaron to make for them a god that will take them to the promised land. unfortunately and eventually, Aaron (the interpreter of moses chosen to stand in whenever moses was not not around) was highly pressured that he gave  into their request. the instantly and expectedly brought God’s anger upon the people until moses interceded on their behalf. The intercession of moses came alone with dire consequences of death upon about 3,000 men(Exodus 32).

Today, many Christians are also like these stubborn and inconsistent Israelite. whenever they wait on God and trust Him for a need to be met in their lives,they always want to help God by going THE OTHER WAY!!Thus, they devise other means to have there needs met without any slightest delay, forgetting that delay is not denial. Also, they forget that God’s timing is different from ours as well as the motive behind the need / request to him since God knows the end from the beginning!! I see while some christian leader at the expense of God’s will are Aaron who not give into pressure from their followers, but they lead their followers to the OTHER WAY…… the devil!! The devil entices them with wealth, fame, honour, women, fake miracles and signs and destroys their soul in exchange.    Many false ministers of God focus on speaking about matters of this world only as all they tell people is how to make life more comfortable on earth thereby neglecting the reality of life after death and the importance of salvation. They are so deficient in grace that they don’t know about God and they also struggle with life issues. Thus, they never submit to God instructions and never learn from Him. this is why God will never commit any serious responsibility into the hand of such leaders because “WOE UNTO ANY MINISTER THAT MISLEADS THE SHEEP”.

Friend, are you considering turning away from God to look for alternatives due to delay. Have you yielded to human suggestions and advice in the course of doing God’s work by neglecting God’s command. it is never too late, repent today, ask the lord to forgive  you , turn back to Jesus, retrace your step from the way and com back to the ONLY WAY!! Jesus Christ is waiting for you. shalom.

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