The first Sunday service in March came with the message titled “Foundational Mercy” EVANG. PETER KOLAJO

The first Sunday service in March at God of Fire Global Evangelical Ministry came with the message titled “Foundational Mercy”. As expatiated by Evangelist Peter Kolajo, God created all things for a purpose out of the abundance of His mercies. Adam and Eve ran out of the mercy via disobedience to God’s injuctions. All nations of the world including Nigeria have also abandoned God’s mercies by setting up ungodly policies for their citizenry. Political leaders are corruption entrenched while the masses suffer without a flinch. The devil, under God’s knowledge, is active in the business of afflicting with poverty, pestilence and diseases (Covid-19 inclusive). But Christ Jesus came to reintroduce the abundance of Mercy and Grace to mankind via His death and resurrection. Therefore, all of these and more God is ready to restore back to mankind through Jesus Christ to every individual, family, society, State, Nation and the world at large. Also, the sensitization visit of the Osun State Government Task force on Covid-19 to God of Fire Global Evangelical Ministry today Sunday 7th March, 2021 opened up the room of God’s mercies once again towards the entire state and the incumbent government. Gifts were sent to the Governor as a sign of the extension of God’s love and the open message of salvation to all and sundry irrespective of gender, age, tribe or status quo.Indeed, Nigeria shall be delivered!! Hallelujah!!

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