The arrival of God’s judgment…the upturn of world peace” – Evang. Peter Kolajo

“The arrival of God’s judgment…the upturn of world peace” – Evang. Peter Kolajo 
The kingdom of God also called the kingdom of heaven is biphasic. It exists both in the spiritual realm over which God reigns as King and physically on earth. It’s physical structure starts first in the lives of individuals, families, societies and extends to willing individuals in government.The coming of God’s Kingdom where Christ Jesus would reign supreme as the Prince of Peace has long been prophesied by Prophet Daniel in Daniel 7:1-14 which gave us an insight about the kingdom of God and now as the time for it’s fulfilment. As the Kingdom expression is biphasic, so is the fulfilment biphasic. Jesus Christ taught us to seek out His Father’s Kingdom first and righteousness thereby opening up the route to receiving good and perfect gifts like righteousness, truthfulness and others from God, His father.

Heartbreaking is it to note that ephemeral materials is the focus of a large proportion of today’s believers. But since God has sent several other messengers to pre-warn everyone of the dangers entrenched in disobedience and negligence of His statutes which would lead to damnation and death (physical and spiritual), now is the time for God’s visitation to the earth which has commenced to rescue the beloved from all forms of affliction and imminent judgment is metted out on disobedient individuals, erring families, evil societies and wicked governments.

Despite all of this, the invitation to naturalization from darkness to light is still open to all through submission to Jesus Christ because anyone under his Lordship is under His control with bonuses of righteousness,peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.The next is the call of  believers to become living witnesses of Jesus, to tell others about Him and allegiance to His will for our lives.Pray for God’s kingdom as a Christian and watch your life become fruitful and a magnet to bring others to Christ, our Saviour!! THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS A MUST FOR YOU…Shalom!! 

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