How many people call by Christians name are actually enjoying the SWEETNESS OF FAITH? Working of miracles or marathon fast is not sweetness of faith. What many are experiencing today is the bitterness of faith. What many desire is for fishes to enter into their net first. Matt 4:19-20.

If your reason for believing or for being in faith is to acquire wealth or worldly pleasure it is simply bitterness of faith i.e it is bitterness of faith to believe in Jesus Christ just because you want to be rich or achieve certain worldly goals. Children are not even the sweetness of faith they are gift of faith. Then, what is the sweetness of faith?

Salvation is the sweetness of faith. It is glorious and the best you can get for believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Your fasting and prayers, capping and everything you do without been saved, is yet to be meaningful to God, unless you embrace salvation. God has assigned the greatest position in life to the children of salvation. For those that have access to the sweetness of faith, monthly medical check-up is unnecessary. Fear of death is not their portion as death is not a threat to them. What should be your priority is thesalvation of your soul. Proverb 8:17, 8:36.

Don’t because of money; child bearing, position e.t.c seek God. If you have money, but don’t have Jesus, what will you do with the money? Is it not waging war against Jesus? Your living without Jesus, without salvation is vanity.

The first sweetness that Christ give is salvation. To draw you nearer, he may give you bread, immediately he grab you, salvation is next before he grant you riches and wealth in-deed.

The greatest joy in Christianity is salvation.It is better to pay the price of salvation. that which God is expecting of you, is for you to be save.If you kill your enemy with prayer and you are not save, yours is worse. Going to church activities without you been save, you are a failure. Matt 13:14.

If Christ visit your life and didn’t find salvation, ah!! I pray you are not a waste product. Matt 11:13-14, 20.

What is certain is your departure from this world one day, to go and face that which you hold dear to your heart that does not allow you to be saved.

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