LET THERE BE LIGHT – Evang.Peter Kolajo (OMO JESU)

Evangelist Peter Kolajo (Omo-Jesu] at the City Gate, Abuja 3

 God was motivated by His love to bring light into the original scene of creation. The creation experienced a pivotal time of change as God firstly created light via a decree and it was established. He further created a world that would be the object of His love; Mankind.

The hectic and entropic nature of life has made people water-down their concern about their eternal welfare. With this in view, there is the need for believers to keep beaming the light of Christ Jesus into this dark world with the help of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual light was and still is the fundamental element in man’s relationship with God.Spiritual light was placed in mankind from creation to give purpose and meaning to life. As sin extinguishes spiritual lights via disobedience, pride, love of money, deceit, corruption and other vices, all things tend physically towards chaos and disruption while lives are plunged into spiritual darkness. God physically formed man from the dust and spiritually breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Man was created in light but fell into sin and darkness after the creation. The darkness in this generation is so deep so much that it has belittled the hope of many in God’s power by focusing on idols, money, position and mere humans…but it doesn’t end there!!There is hope through Christ Jesus for correction of past errors, settling of the present issues and resetting the future all for the establishment of His kingdom for the beloved. The world obviously is in need of light, therefore we pray to the One who created the world and decree into all spheres of life that…. “LET THERE BE LIGHT in Jesus name”.

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