Feast of the seal of life – Evang. Peter Kolajo

Joy is largely composed of gratitude, gratitude for the wonderful things God has done for us and His exceedingly great and precious promises for our future. Joy is the strong foundation that supports a variety of healthy emotions including hapiness. Gratitude produces joy and our gratitude should be for other people’s blessings as well as ours.The world has a woeful shortage of true joy and a surplus of fear, worry, discouragement and depression. Even the pursuit of happiness and obsessive pleasure seeking does not bring deep and lasting joy. Happiness is an emotion and God never intends for people to be in that transient, emotional state. Happiness is a glad feeling that depends on a good occurrence, circumstance or situation. True joy comes from filling the existing spiritual void with an intimate relationship with Jesus.God wishes you to experience happy times but His greatest desire is that you have unconditional joy.  The long term evidence of Joy is general gratitude, contentment, optimism, a sense of freedom and other positive attitudes.Joy comes much more from giving and serving than from receiving. To grow in joy, we must resist self centeredness, self desires, focus on loving others and especially on loving God.Apostle Paul spoke of the joy of the Holy Spirit. God through His spirit shares and communicates his Joy. When Paul listed the fruits of the spirit, joy is second to love. If we are filled with godly love, joy is unlimited.  Those who feel the worst about their sins feel the greatest joy about their forgiveness and God’s amazing grace. God’s joy continues to flow through his people even during their challenges because of their rock-solid-hope in Christ. They have the conviction that all suffering is limited to this life and they rejoice in hope of the glory of God.How can we be filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit? Our unique joy begins once Christ is allowed to live in us. Submission to Jesus activates the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction. God’s spirit is the tree of life, producing life-giving fruit which includes great joy.Endeavor today to add to your life, humility, forgiveness, faith, hope, patience and love. Abhor resentment, anger, fear, worry, materialism, greed, jealousy, murmuring and pride. Jesus is the true Joy, give Him a chance today.Shalom.

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