Evangelist Peter Kolajo is a dynamic, vibrant, firebrand teacher. A‎ motivational speaker and a worldwide evangelist universally regarded as (OMO-JESU), a spiritual man of GOD called and chosen by ALMIGHTY GOD to proclaim HIS name and power to the utmost part of the world so as to liberate humanity from satanic clutches and shackles that had become the order of the day. He was anointed by his Creator to open every eye to perfect understanding of GOD’s words by using his exalted name for deliverance.

Evangelist Kolajo was anointed by GOD ‎to set people free from the antics of pseudo clerics who fond of ‎misleading the people for material gratifications.

Evangelist Peter Kolajo is married to Lady Evangelist Abigail Kolajo and the marriage is blessed ‎with children.


‎The little Peter Kolajo was born in the mid 60s at Ifon-Osun, in Osun State of the South-Western region of Nigeria. The mystery of his birth had already been revealed through Prophet ‎Timothy Obadare to his maternal parent who happened to be one of the three Christian elders that brought Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) to Ifon-Osun, a town in the old Oyo State, that one of their daughters will marry from the family of idol worshiper at a neighboring town called ‘Ilobu’, a town  in Osun state. It was however further revealed to Peter’s grandmother prior to Peter’s birth that she will give birth to a son who will be greatly used by GOD to preach the gospel of Christ to the whole world and be the vanguard of liberty and salvation, liberating and bringing idol worshipers and all other beliefs to Christ for salvation, on the day of his birth, his name Peter Oluwasegun was revealed to one of the elder named Prophet Philip that was present at the church [C.A.C No 1, Oke Iye, Ifon Osun] maternity centre `where the birth of the mythical being was given at exactly 1:00pm as it was earlier prophesied. However, Evangelist Peter Oluwasegun’s father was a farmer and the head of all the hunters in the entire‎ Baale Oba town, Iresa Adu, Oyo State where they reside by then, while his mother, a daughter of a pastor and an ally of‎ Prophet Timothy Obadare was a petty trader, despite his poor background, the young Evangelist Peter strived so hard with strong passion to go to‎ school, being a child that wasn’t born with silver spoon, he had to work as laborer and get himself engaged in menial jobs to survive the reality of life that befell him through the circumstances of his birth in order for him to earn money to support his education and to have enough for the payment of‎ his tuition fees, at a certain point when he couldn’t afford the financial requirements of his studies after many efforts in secondary school, one of his teacher who saw in him‎ brilliance and unrelented efforts, volunteered to take care of him ‎but unfortunately this philanthropic teacher was later transferred to a far distance school and that‎ put an end to his education.‎

Meanwhile, in his unwavering efforts to wither the storm, Evangelist Peter Kolajo left for Lagos to learn vulcanizing work, this decision took him some years as an apprentice before he later began working on his own as a trained vulcanizer at Ojota motor park, Lagos state. 

But unfortunately, this ordained spiritual man of GOD lost his equipment twice to seizure and the ugly incidence propelled him to return to Ifon- Osun where he was born having consoled himself, unknown to him‎ that ‎GOD was preparing him for a greater task in the future.

Few years later, his grandmother took him to her brother in Osogbo where he began living with his uncle, Late Chief Olayiwola Afolabi who while alive was the chairman of the famous Ogo-Oluwa Kitan Trading Company.

Evangelist Peter Kolajo ‎worked as a petrol attendant and later at the car sales section where he proved to be a prudent, honest, truthful, loyal and worthy individual, a personal trait that made his guardian, Late ‎Chief Afolabi to get him an employment at NNPC Apata, Ibadan, as a representative in ‎charge of issuance of ticket to lift PMS and all other petroleum‎ products.
Evangelist Peter Kolajo worked at NNPC for 15years but received salary for 4 years as being directed by GOD. He had received the GOD’s revelation not to steal any money. GOD severely warned him that if he steals and uses the money on his child, the child will die, if uses to build a house it will collapse, which later made known to him that GOD was preparing him to the journey of wilderness, as hardworking as he was, he didn’t even own a bank account, yet allegations were raised against him by those who felt he was secretly acquiring money for himself, his transactions was audited and found out to be extremely clean, the first and the best in the history of the organization.

Though his 15years of hardworking were full of trials from every quarters, one day, GOD told him to quit the job immediately, and he returned back to Osogbo after he had reached NNPC gate, for good 2years he stayed at home waiting on GOD for direction, he was not discouraged in any way, even during serious hunger and extreme poverty, he never for once relent in boasting of GOD’s grace and greatness always.

After his wilderness experience, GOD revealed to him in the dream a big and bold writing “EVANGELICAL BUSINESS CENTER” and gave him the revelation about the ministry with a mandate to go and deliver people and the nation. He is called by fire and with fire.

Though, it was revealed at his birth that he will be a great minister of GOD for this end times, his calling by GOD is with rod of Covenant like Moses, Noah, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola of C.A.C and Apostle Moses Orimolade of C & S, but his own with a difference, no olive oil, no water, no spiritual preparations, only baptism of fire as written in Luke 12:49, his calling solely depends on the great and mighty power of GOD which supersede all diabolical means of performing miracles.


  • If there’s any day that I will go contrary to GOD’s will that day ‎will not come to meet me in this land of the living
  • Woe unto any servant of GOD misleading people
  • My house has been completed in Heaven, I have seen it and the walls is singing
  • I will fulfill all my Father’s wish in bringing all tribes and tongues to the Kingdom of GOD
  • The Kingdom of GOD is a must
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