About Us

‎GOD of Fire Global Evangelical Ministry [GOFGEM] is situated at Church street, behind Baale’s Palace, Dada estate, Osogbo. Osun State of Nigeria.

The land of which the ministry stand is a Covenant land like the Mount Horeb where GOD meet with Moses, and this is the reason the church motto is “The LORD talked with you face to face in the mount out of the midst of the fire” Deut. 5 : 4, The land is called GOD of Fire Mountain [Ori Oke Ina] as its popularly known till today.

The fundamental believe of the ministry is that GOD exists and HE is ‎the Creator of all things and that the people can enjoy GOD  in diverse ways, satan as the enemy of human race is the one leadingpeople away from the grace of GOD, the ministry has the mandate to bring people back to GOD, so as to make Heaven in the end, this leads to the ministry Sunday Service Program tagged ‘The Kingdom of GOD is a must’.

The ministry has its branch at No 46, Oritshe Street, opposite Airport Hotel, Ikeja. Lagos with many more in process.


•        GOD of Fire Global Evangelical Ministry is a full gospel outreach ministry where the truth of the kingdom of GOD is being preached and practiced.
•       A place where true believers of Christ are gathered to evangelize and bring the lost sheep back to Christ folds.‎•       To build vibrant and fire filled men and women as soldiers of Christ ‎to liberate the world.
•       To deliver the oppressed from satan and its evil antics, to save people from the clutches of false prophets and doctrines of wolves who appear in sheep cloths.
•       A place where the last day evangelism will begin to set the world free and liberate souls who are already on the path to hell.


•       The Dove stands for pure Spirit of The Holy Ghost, one of the Trinity, Saint Messenger, symbol of inner peace, the Truth and good faith. Matthew 3: 16.
•       The Cross symbolizes spirituality, healing and CHRIST death. 1 Peter 2: 24.
•       The Fire stands as the presence of GOD. Exodus 3: 2 and 19: 18.
•       The Bible is the Word of GOD and light unto every paths. John 1: 1 – 5.


The church major event is a yearly rally and crusade which holds by November/ December aimed at reaching and preaching Christ to the ‎people and bring them to their creator.‎

•        WEEKLY PROGRAMMES:- “The kingdom of GOD is a must” is the Sunday worship/service to appreciate ‎GOD and hear from HIM to prepare us for HIS Kingdom. 
Mondays and Wednesdays afternoon are the time to meet with GOD in prayers and to seek HIS face for solution to every requests.

Every Tuesday morning is for the pregnant women and those who are seeking for the fruits of the womb.

Bible Study is on Tuesday evening where we listen and learn at the ‎feet of Christ JESUS and to know more about him.

•       MONTHLY PROGRAMMES;-‎ ‎Come and receive your goodness hour is taking place every first ‎Wednesday of the month.

Turning Night is a vigil holds on the first Friday of every month at Osogbo and third Friday at our Lagos branch, it’s a night of praise and to receive new anointing.
Wednesday to Friday of the fourth week are dedicated for fire packed vigil to renew and receive power of GOD afresh, it is tagged “Receive your goodness by fire”

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