Apostle Ayo BabalolaOn Sunday 5th May 2019, the little town of Efon-Alaye in Ekiti state came to a halt as the youth arm of the God of Fire Global Evangelical Ministry (GOFGEM) Osogbo, under the auspices of the Minister in charge, Evangelist Peter Kolajo paid an unequivocal Apostolic visit to the TOMB of the Great Late Apostle Ayodele Babalola and the first Mountain (also in Efon Alaye) he established in 1931 after his ministry became reputable in 1930.The first point of call was the mausoleum where the TOMB of the great Man of God is which spiritually connotes the source of all Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide. All youths present vibrantly prayed as a descent of fresh baptism of Fire, a replica of the day of Pentecost manifested upon all present attesting to the fact that the connection between afore-time Covenant holders, old time Apostles and the ONLY Covenant-Holder of this generation is undeniable. The Baptism of Fire created a mighty uproar which attracted the indigenes to gather around in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the event.Prayers led to mighty wonders as wonders led to prophesies and cautionary messages amongst which was a major one from the mouthpiece of Apostle Ayo Babalola and directed specifically to Christians Worldwide and particularly to Clerics under the aegis of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide. It states that an end should come to all diabolical practices, money-motivated lifestyles; acrimony and spread of false teachings amongst them as majority of them are on the path to imminent destruction. He further instructed them all to revisit and re-uphold the tenets of the pure message of salvation, meekness, pursuit of heaven and love amongst all that he laid down before he departed this sinful world. “I am stirred up along with the hosts of Heaven, and the book of instant judgment has been opened by God on all Christians and upon everyone under my calling to repay all according to their deeds, whether good or evil and hence erase every blemish attached to my calling from this day onward”, he said.        Evangelist Kolajo vigorously led all present in prayers of renewed strength, Fire, zeal and strategic positioning for exploits and relevance in the forth-coming End time Gospel Outreach starting from Nigeria to other parts of the world. Evidently, everyone present was tremendously blessed before all moved on to the Efon-Alaye Mountain for a session of overnight praises to round off the 50-day praises previously embarked upon by Evangelist Kolajo.     Obviously, unity of purpose, Oneness and Focus amongst the youths birthed a mighty wave of the baptism of Fire which upturns the promise and experience of Greater Changes.

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