Can there be a Fall without stumbling?” was the question poised to congregants as the Minister in charge, Evangelist Peter Kolajo, commenced his homily during the Second Sunday service in the month of September at the God of Fire Global Evangelical Ministry (GOFGEM) Headquarters, Oke-Ina, Dada Estate Osogbo. In his short sermon, the Man of God expounded on scriptures taken from Numbers 20 and Matthew 26 about the basis of the fall of mankind from time immemorial till date; Disobedience. “The easiest sin committed by all humans irrespective of age, race, colour, tribe and tongue is disobedience” he said. It is a cascade of reactions with Disobedience as the primary antecedent which brings offence to God resulting into stumbling and eventual fall.He further expressed his disappointment over the frivolity pseudo-clerics in this generation have attached to the sin of disobedience because every account of fall by the accuser deducts a portion from the everlasting sweetness God has packaged for the beloved. God therefore is expecting Man’s perfection at every level he / she finds himself. Perfection can only be achieved if the whole of mankind pursue and seek Jesus the holder of the keys to eternity because trials and temptations would never depart from the beloved until Glory.  The Cleric also admonished congregants to refocus their pursuit off desperately acquiring and amassing worldly possessions, power and fame because the glory of every disobedient person would lie fallow in the graveyard upon demise.  Above all things, the Cleric encouraged all to accept and submit alone to the authority of Jesus Christ and be prepared to experience perfection via Greater Changes under His sovereignty.

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